We propose a reciprocal perspective on clarifying a meme's prevalence, in view of a stricter meme definition and on the investigation of the qualities of the meme itself. The focal idea behind our clarification of meme achievement is the one of meme similitude: to be fruitful a meme should be effectively recognizable from different cute memes .

 It needs to either make another social specialty, or possess an empty one. In37 meme closeness is assessed as well, yet "meme" is characterized without testing for essential meme attributes, for example, multiplication and rivalry; moreover, no clarification of meme ubiquity has been explored. Our attention on meme substance isn't isolated38,39, anyway in these cases the study is centered around various wording displaying a similar substance on Twitter, or a manual assessment of substance quality by means of a mechanical turk. As far as we could possibly know, no one has endeavored this assignment with an increasingly thoroug…
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